Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eastside Culture Crawl

The weather cooperated last Saturday, and we were able to participate in the Eastside Culture Crawl.

            Also an excuse to visit the Commercial Drive area, and buy some special treats that are difficult to find out here in the "burbs".

 First we went and visited  Marion Webber   (Marion Webber: Culture crawl listing )
   at the Parker Street Studios      ( Culture Crawl listing for: Parker Street Studios )

 Marion Webber is in the middle. Liked her landscapes :)

Next we went and visited  Miriam Aroeste  ( Miriam Aroeste: Culture Crawl listing ) who also has a studio in the Parker Street Studios

Miraim Aroeste, on the right

Then we moved on to the next studio on our agenda, but on the way out could not resist to take a few photos of the art works on the building itself.

Yikes! All kinds of folks live in this neighbourhood

Then onwards to the William Clark Studios, where Anne Gaze has a studio.
     ( Anne Gaze: Culture Crawl listing )

Anne Gaze on the right, with her latest works in progress behind her.
Then off to Commercial drive and explore and buy Yerba mate, from Donald's market. And then Starbucks, then to Fratelli Bakery then to  La Grotta del Formaggio which is next door, where I bought some nice specialty cheeses that should last me a while.

 Then off to the Gourmet Warehouse, where I picked up some real cinnamon, and a nice grater for my cheese :) and a nice little stainless steel baking pan that will fit nicely inside my little counter top oven.
And a set of pastry circle cutters, which I had been searching for for some time now, would have liked slightly better quality, but good enough for this amateur.

A great adventure with my soul mate, Patricia.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nightime shenanigans

A few photos from tonight of what we installed at the Hoy Creek hatchery.
The libelula/ dragonfly looks really cool :)

A revamped recycled Salmon

And a few daytime photos

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Artist at Work

A salmon, made from mostly recycled materials, the inside of it contains many plastic containers, styrofoam packing, and trays, laundry soap containers...
Covered in newspaper, fabric, plaster of Paris, and painted.  In the following images the fish is being restored after its tail was broken, by contractors working at the Hoy Creek Hatchery.

 And a dragonfly / libĂ©lula

See more of Patricia's artistic creations at Patricia Loves Art
This entire photo collection is also residing at Flickr in a larger resolution


Adventures in Town Centre Park. Primarily in the Inspiration Garden, where a hummingbird / picaflor was guarding the Wisteria vine.

More at Flickr in the Town Centre Park album
Where you can also see a few short cell-phone videos of the hummingbird

Friday, April 8, 2016


Various photos from Coquitlam to Commercial Drive

 Sunset in Coquitlam

 Art at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver

 A bit of England along Commercial Drive.